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Automation For The People

A Composed Communication blog on automation technology and the new Amazon Echo device.

Voice recognition is a key part of automation technologies which many knowledgeable tech-heads believe will drive human progress through the next part of this century. It’s said that automation is the big step to intelligently streamlining how we lead our lives.

The new Amazon Echo device.                                                                                © Composed Images


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Buying Music In 2016

How buying the new Radiohead album briefly changed my music listening experience.

I hate list questions.  You know: ‘name your top five films, top ten books’ or whatever. But if you pointed a gun to my head and forced to name a favourite band, I’d have to say Radiohead.  (You might then decide to pull the trigger. Your call).


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Old Media: Time To Say Goodbye

There was a guilt-tinged sadness when I placed a bunch of books and CDs in plastic bags destined for charity shops a couple of weekends ago. 

It was like saying goodbye to old friends who’d brought me considerable pleasure during another time; a farewell to old media I was almost surgically attached to for a time.

Now though, the brutal unsentimental truth was that they held no use for me. Not even decorative, they sat neglected on a bottom shelf behind a row of DVDs, collecting dust.
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Ode to record store day

Celebrating old media
Celebrating old media

My love of music was, like many of my generation, largely down to Steve Lamacq’s Evening Session show on BBC Radio 1. Therefore I feel a debt to make a nod to this year’s Record Store Day.

While I hadn’t been aware of it before this year, 2013 is the sixth celebration of the UK’s unique independent sector. On Saturday 20th April “all independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases are made exclusively for the day and hundreds of artists across the globe make special appearances and performances.” –

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