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Business buzzwords serve a purpose – get over it

Some ducks, "going forward".
Some ducks, “going forward”.

Whether it’s ‘thinking outside the box’, ‘going forward’ or virtually any other oft-used term of business-speak, many people bristle at buzzwords. They should probably relax about it. 

For marketers, communicators, PRs and most professionals addressing words all day long, those hackneyed and overused phrases of business language can become a grind.

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Dear Hotmail, I’m leaving you

Quicker than "hotmail"?
Quicker than “hotmail”?

Dear Hotmail (or “Outlook” as you tiringly insist on being called these days),

It’s over, we’re through, I’m leaving you.

In a funny kind of way, and despite the pain you’ve caused me in recent times, this still hurts.  But I guess we should be brave and admit it’s the end of the road.

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More than words

In a digital age seemingly obsessed with verbal jousting and punning wordplay, it’s worth remembering the impact of the visual.  Sometimes words aren’t all that important.

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