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Comfortably dumb? The next revolution will be psychological not technological

RoryThis blog seems to have turned into a place where I irregularly write about public lectures at Cardiff University.  Apologies for being deeply unimaginative, but here is another one.

In the next ten years some of the biggest advances in business and government will come from new insights into human psychology and behaviour.

This was the hook for a Cardiff Business School lecture by Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group UK, an enormous advertising group.

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Chris Moss gifts to Cardiff Business School

Moss has shone
Moss has shone

Yesterday evening Chris Moss of FAMOSS ideas consultancy became the latest to take the stage at Cardiff Business School’s Public Lecture Series. Moss spent 8 years as Marketing Director of Virgin Atlantic, developing the company from single aircraft to international brand. He founded the Orange brand as Marketing Director and as CEO of 118118, grew the business from 5 to 5000 employees, achieving a billion dollar valuation and an international roll-out.

Any sympathy extended for having a name that lends itself to terrible puns should be saved. It hasn’t held him back.

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