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most of us still on message

New Mobile Data Association (MDA) statistics released this week reveal that 11 million SMS messages are sent across the UK’s networks every hour.

Traffic will ebb and flow at certain times, but this average has been approximated after the release of the MDA’s Q4 2009 messaging statistics, aggregated from the mobile network operators.

The average daily count of text messages was up to 265 million in 2009, while the annual haul stood just shy of the coveted 100 billion mark, at 96.8 billion.

Certain times of the year and special events are revealed as being key for spikes in picture messaging use – and you might speculate that personal events also drive MMS use: weddings, newborns, or even for some, new shoes.

But the continued surge in mass use of mobile messaging, particularly SMS, gives clear evidence that it will not be usurped by alternative messaging forms for some time yet.

Social media platforms depend on a level of wider engagement which many people simply might not care for; whereas mobile messaging is an instant, reliable, one-to-one trigger-press.

All the relevant statistics from the report, together with reports from previous years, are held on

This post has been reproduced in part from an original, posted at the MDA blog.


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