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Hello and welcome to the Composed site. Here you’ll find writing by Mark Hawkins dating back to 2009.

The subject of posts spans from early mobile billing technologies and specific regulatory measures, through to more general musings on technology and business communication.

Posts also include reflections on public lectures delivered by tech trailblazers and media oracles.

Writing about photography, creativity, sport and current affairs can be found on the more frequently updated Composed Images blog


Composed is essentially Mark Hawkins. Available services include cost effective writing, research, social media, publicity and photography services from Cardiff to businesses across the UK and beyond.

All communications work is underpinned by a thoughtful and well-informed approach. This includes everything from tweets and text messages, to press releases, blog posts, content marketing, industry analysis, award applications, social media monitoring and contract tendering.

Composed can consistently generate content to reflect the objectives and key messages of your organisation.


Composed can:

  • enhance website text
  • generate editorial content
  • produce tailored news stories
  • improve your marketing communications
  • design audience-specific social media content.

A strong track record of collaboration with private, public and third sector organisations over more than 15 years gives insight and versatility. Communications can be crafted for different audiences and different interests.

Services have been employed by universities, start-up businesses, SMEs, recruitment consultancies, trade associations and professional bodies.

Please get in touch if you’d like to chat.